by Owczarek/Reuben

Paulina Owczarek - Alto Saxophone
Federico Reuben - Live coding / electronics

A computer screaming along with a saxophonist in machine-cosmic synchrony. Artificial Intelligence training, learning from human spontaneous invention. The machine becoming expressive, matching heightened states of consciousness, developing a taste for SWEET improvisation. A.I. trains for love, excess, pleasure, spirituality... heading for a brain freeze. 

A.I.LOVEs2scream is an album of improvisations by Paulina Owczarek and Federico Reuben. Recorded in one session on 22 January 2017, this album captures the coming together of two free improvisers with almost opposing methods, who yet manage to seamlessly integrate the organic with the synthetic, the physiological and the mechanical, the real with the virtual, the biological and the artificial.


Released September 1, 2017

Recorded with an SM58 and mixed by Federico Reuben
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs