For percussion quartet


Indefinite Ockeghem (2003) is a composition for percussion quartet. The rhythmic material is derived from different algorithmic transformations and manipulations of score information from Missa de Plus en Plus by Johannes Ockeghem (ca 1410-1497). The composition is scored for amplified percussion instruments of indefinite pitch - the first movement using only instruments made of metal (gongs and metal wrenches of different sizes) and the second only using skin-covered drums (amplified with contact microphones). Rhythmic situations were generated from the Ockeghem with the purpose of producing percussion music that reflects the complexities in the counterpoint of the original.

Indefinite Ockeghem was premiered by Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Roberto Oliveira-Ogando, Ton Martinez-Risco and Lester Rodriguez Gomez at the Schoen­berg Zaal, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Selected Performances

01/06/2016 840: New Music for Percussion, Abstruckt, St James’ Church Islington, London, UK

11/03/2011, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Elebash Recital Hall, CUNY, Manhattan, New York, US
10/03/2011, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens, New York, US

09/03/2011, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Lehman College of Music, Bronx, New York, US
08/03/2011, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn, New York, US

18/03/2003, Garcia/Oliveira/Martinez/Rodriguez, Schoen­berg Zaal, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, NL


Full score


Indefinite Ockeghem performed by Garcia/Oliveira/Martinez/Rodriguez