inspired by the life and work of Johannes Kepler

for large ensemble



"You set me the orbit of Mars, no let me speak, you set me this orbit, a most intractable problem, yet you give me no readings for the planet; how, I ask, let me speak please, how I ask am I to solve it, do you imagine?" Tycho shrugged elaborately. "De Tydske Karle," he remarked to the table in general, "ere allesammen halv gale," and Jeppe the dwarf, squatting at his master's feet under the table, tittered… Christian Longberg clasped his hands as if about to pray. "You expect to solve the problem of Mars, do you, Herr Kepler?" smiling thinly at the idea… "You do not think me capable of it, sir? Will you take a wager-let us say, a hundred florins?" "O splendid," cried young Tyge. "An hundred florins, by Laertes!" "Hold hard, Longberg," Tengnagel growled. "Best set him a certain time to do it in, or you'll wait forever for your winnings." "Seven days!" said Kepler promptly, all swagger and smile without while his innards cringed. Seven days, my God. "Yes, give me seven days free of all other tasks, and I shall do it- provided, wait," and nervously licked his lips, "provided I am guaranteed free and unhindered access to the observations, all of them, everything."… Tycho… nodded, and then shrugged again, and called for more wine, making the best of it. Kepler pitied him briefly. "Well then, sir," said Longber, his look a blade, "we have a wager." From John Banville's Kepler

Esférica Cantándote (2005) is inspired by the life and work of Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), particularly by Harmonices Mundi, the book where he describes his theory of the 'Harmony of the World'. The piece was conceived in its entirety with computer-aided composition tools. The creative process begins with the appropriation of 5 songs. These songs reside, form relationships with each other, coexist, evolve and mutate in the host structure of In ecclesiis by Giovani Gabrieli (ca.1555–1612).

Esférica Cantándote was premiered by Ensemble Royal Conservatory led by Hans Leenders at the Arnold Schoenberg Zaal, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Selected performances

12/09/2008 Centro Cultural de España, San José, CR

20/04/2005 Ensemble Royal, Kees van Baarenzaal, The Hague, NL


Full score


Esférica Cantándote performed by Ensemble Royal