Digital Listening

Tom Service invited Neil Luck, Chihiro Ono and me to collaborate with him on a lecture on “Digital Listening” that we presented at Gresham College. It was a really fun project: Neil, Chihiro and me provided with some musical interludes that included some gitchy Hatsune Miku, Spotify recommendations and some terrifying virtual dystopias. I hacked the Spotify API and we got some interesting results!

You can watch the full lecture here.

Baza - cassette tape release

I’m happy to announce a new release on cassette tape (and digital) out on Berlin based label tmrw>. It is a live recording of an improvisation concert with Kamil Korolczuk that took place in at the iconic bar in Krakow called Baza. The music is hard to describe so you’ll have to listen! The supercool artwork is by Weiwei Leung, dubbing by pattern//select label and riso print by Inkwell Berlin. You can purchase the tape here.

Her High Noise Release

Her High Noise is a new improvisation album out on squib-box by my new HRH Trio with Mark Hanslip on sax, Paul Hession on drums and me on live coding/electronics. I really enjoyed playing on this DIY album - I think the music is really strong and I’m looking forward to see how the music of this trio evolves. We also have a gig at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester on the 15 October.

squib-box - Last Night of the Proms after party

squib-box’s Neil Luck put together an amazing show for Hear and Now last Saturday on BBC Radio 3 together with Adam de la Cour, Lore Lixenberg, Fiona Bevan, Benedict Taylor, Tom Jackson, Dominic Lash, Kit Downes, Musarc Choir and me! I played in the band at the BBC Maida Vale Studios and wrote an AI computer program that generated a concerto. You can listen to the show for 30 days in the BBC website. You can listen to an excerpt of ‘Concerto for AI by AI’ at 28:26 into the show. Or if you want to listen to the full concerto that was generated by the computer program, you can listen to it on soundcloud.

6d696b75474f44 in New Vocal Solutions (sampler)


6d696b75474f44, a new short track I wrote for a new squib-box compilation album called New Vocal Solutions (sampler) is out today. All the tracks in the compilation use the Vocaloid technology (synthesised voice software) behind the voice of virtual pop idol Hatsune Miku (see blurb below). Also featuring some great tracks by Neil Luck, Adam de la Cour, Lynette Quek, Chihiro Ono and Psychiceyeclix. You can listen to my track here and to the whole album here.


New Vocal Solutions (sampler)

One of Japan’s biggest pop culture idols for over a decade, Hatsune Miku’s synthesised voice and image have been used on hundreds of thousands pop tracks, videos, and franchised products worldwide. Powered by Vocaloid software, she represents the ultimate hyper-idol, a digitally rendered eternal bubblegum teen star. 

New Vocal Solutions (sampler) is a collection of tracks by artists working with Miku’s voice and Vocaloid technology in strange and skewed ways. Painstaking programming, circuit bending, and algorithmic repurposing are employed to plunder the uncanny valley and dredge up layers of digital silt; an unexplored rich and mucky underside of pop subculture. 

Miku’s ubiquity and popularity is largely down to the independent, amateur, and open source fan communities that propagate her. As such, squib-box is making New Vocal Solutions (sampler) completely free to download. 

squib-CRAM Beethoven Violin Concerto on BBC Radio 3

At the end of last year squib-box & CRAM put on a very special concert at "The Dentist".

BBC Radio 3 recorded it and are broadcasting it this Saturday, 3 March, at 22:15 as part of Hear and Now hosted by Tom Service. 

It includes a full performance of Beethoven's Violin Concerto (like you've never heard it before) with Chihiro Ono as soloist, myself on live electronics with the squib-CRAM band, as well as radiophonic interpretations of The Two Benny’s and an improv set by Steve Beresford and Sarah Gail Brand.

I think you will enjoy it!

To listen, follow this link: