6d696b75474f44 in New Vocal Solutions (sampler)


6d696b75474f44, a new short track I wrote for a new squib-box compilation album called New Vocal Solutions (sampler) is out today. All the tracks in the compilation use the Vocaloid technology (synthesised voice software) behind the voice of virtual pop idol Hatsune Miku (see blurb below). Also featuring some great tracks by Neil Luck, Adam de la Cour, Lynette Quek, Chihiro Ono and Psychiceyeclix. You can listen to my track here and to the whole album here.


New Vocal Solutions (sampler)

One of Japan’s biggest pop culture idols for over a decade, Hatsune Miku’s synthesised voice and image have been used on hundreds of thousands pop tracks, videos, and franchised products worldwide. Powered by Vocaloid software, she represents the ultimate hyper-idol, a digitally rendered eternal bubblegum teen star. 

New Vocal Solutions (sampler) is a collection of tracks by artists working with Miku’s voice and Vocaloid technology in strange and skewed ways. Painstaking programming, circuit bending, and algorithmic repurposing are employed to plunder the uncanny valley and dredge up layers of digital silt; an unexplored rich and mucky underside of pop subculture. 

Miku’s ubiquity and popularity is largely down to the independent, amateur, and open source fan communities that propagate her. As such, squib-box is making New Vocal Solutions (sampler) completely free to download.