by Reuben/Korolczuk

Federico Reuben — live coding

Kamil Korolczuk — tapes & modular

Baza is an album of improvisations by Federico Reuben and Kamil Korolczuk recorded live at the iconic bar Baza in Krakow on 9 July 2017.

C-30 ferro tape
50 copies
riso printed cover

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Released November 12, 2018

Recorded live at Baza, Krakow

Mastering by Federico Reuben

Artwork by Weiwei Leung

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Her High Noise

by Hanslip/Reuben/Hession

Mark Hanslip - Saxophone
Federico Reuben - Live coding / electronics
Paul Hession - Drums

Her High Noise is an album of improvisations by Mark Hanslip, Federico Reuben and Paul Hession recorded in one afternoon, on 17 June 2018 in York, UK.


Released September 20, 2018

Recorded with a Zoom recorder and an SE R1 microphone
Mixed and mastered by Federico Reuben
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs



by Federico Reuben

One of Japan’s biggest pop culture idols for over a decade, Hatsune Miku’s synthesised voice and image have been used on hundreds of thousands pop tracks, videos, and franchised products worldwide. Powered by Vocaloid software, she represents the ultimate hyper-idol, a digitally rendered eternal bubblegum teen star. 

6d696b75474f44 is Federico's contribution to New Vocal Solutions (sampler), a collection of tracks by artists working with Miku’s voice and Vocaloid technology in strange and skewed ways. Painstaking programming, circuit bending, and algorithmic repurposing are employed to plunder the uncanny valley and dredge up layers of digital silt; an unexplored rich and mucky underside of pop subculture. 

Miku’s ubiquity and popularity is largely down to the independent, amateur, and open source fan communities that propagate her. As such, squib-box is making New Vocal Solutions (sampler) completely free to download. 


Released April 2, 2018

Federico Reuben - Composition, programming, production, mixing and mastering

Neil Luck - Voice, cover design

Hatune Miku - Vocaloid (synthesised voice)



by Owczarek/Reuben

Paulina Owczarek - Alto Saxophone
Federico Reuben - Live coding / electronics

A computer screaming along with a saxophonist in machine-cosmic synchrony. Artificial Intelligence training, learning from human spontaneous invention. The machine becoming expressive, matching heightened states of consciousness, developing a taste for SWEET improvisation. A.I. trains for love, excess, pleasure, spirituality... heading for a brain freeze. 

A.I.LOVEs2scream is an album of improvisations by Paulina Owczarek and Federico Reuben. Recorded in one session on 22 January 2017, this album captures the coming together of two free improvisers with almost opposing methods, who yet manage to seamlessly integrate the organic with the synthetic, the physiological and the mechanical, the real with the virtual, the biological and the artificial.


Released September 1, 2017

Recorded with an SM58 and mixed by Federico Reuben
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs



by Lash/Reuben/Baracskai

Dominic Lash - double bass
Federico Reuben - laptop
Zlatko Baracskai - synth

The Abhorrent trio joins improvising performers using different techniques and attitudes to yield musical expressiveness aiming at variety and exclusivity. Extended instrumental techniques and in-time composition is at the fingertips of Dominic Lash with his double bass. A laptop running SuperCollider implements interactive compositional machines using synthesis and recordings under supervision of Federico Reuben. Chaos arising from breaking modular synthesiser components is tamed by Zlatko Baracskai highlighting the aesthetic of error. The three together form a peculiar cohesion and unexpectedness traversing musical structures that border on the unknown.


Federico Reuben – live electronics
Javier Carmona – drums

Perro-chimp is an improvisation duo comprising Javier Carmona and Federico Reuben and often featuring guests such as John Edwards, Fiona Bevan, Rachel Musson, Mark Hanslip, Adam de la Cour, Paulina Owczarek and Paloma Carrasco.

Perro Chimp @ Squib-Box

Live @ Resonance FM  Perro-chimp + Rachel Musson

Live @ Resonance FM

Perro-chimp + Rachel Musson

Live @ Javier's Flat  Perro-chimp + Owczarek

Live @ Javier's Flat

Perro-chimp + Owczarek

Live @ Kafri Studios  Perro-chimp + Fiona Bevan

Live @ Kafri Studios

Perro-chimp + Fiona Bevan

Live @ ICA  Perro-chimp + Adam de la Cour

Live @ ICA

Perro-chimp + Adam de la Cour


Orwell Fragments

by Lash/Laubrock/Reuben

Dominic Lash - Dou­ble Bass
Ingrid Laubrock - Sax­o­phone
Fed­erico Reuben - Live Elec­tron­ics


Released June 29, 2011

Recorded Live at Cafe Orwell, Brook­lyn, NY, 14.06.2011

Recorded with a Zoom recorder and mixed by Fed­erico Reuben. 

Cover Design by Eszter Takacs.


Sporcizia Accademica

by FreuPinta

Spor­cizia Acca­d­e­m­ica is a col­lec­tion of short exper­i­men­tal pieces deal­ing with real-time plun­der­phon­ics, musica derivata, robo-improv, vir­tual tran­scrip­tion and alter-electro quotes.


released January 1, 2011

Per­formed by Fre­uPinta and var­i­ous oth­ers. 
Mixed and Pro­duced by Fre­uPinta. 
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs. 

Spe­cial thanks to the algo­rithms and plun­dered artists.

Mowgli @ Modern Art Oxford

Adam de la Cour – voice/accordion
Dominic Lash – double bass
Federico Reuben – live electronics
Fiona Bevan – voice
Javier Carmona – drums

Recorded live at Modern Art Oxford, 21.10.2010.

e-tudes square.jpg

E-tudes (2007-2009) is a performance and installation by Federico Reuben. This is a recording of a live performance of the piece.



by Federico Reuben


Performed by Piano Circus and Federico Reuben

Federico Reuben - Composition, live electronics

Kate Halsall, David Appleton, Adam Caird, Semra Kurutac, Helen Reid and Graham Rix - Keyboards


Esférica Cantándote (2005) is a composition for large ensemble inspired on the life and work of Johannes Kepler.


Esférica Cantándote

by Federico Reuben


Performed by Ensemble Royal

Hans Leen­ders - conductor

Arnold Schoenberg Zaal, The Hague, NL.

Nolans small.jpg

The Nolan's Supper (2004) is a composition for the Maarten Altena Ensemble inspired by the life and work of Giordano Bruno.


The Nolan's supper

by Federico Reuben


Performed by the Maarten Altena Ensemble:

Otto Tausk - conductor

Jelte van Andel - double bass

Karolina Bäter - recorders

Noa Frenkel - voice

Reinier van Houdt - piano

Wiek Hijmans - electric guitar

Koen Kaptijn - trombone

Michel Marang - clarinet

Anna McMichael - violin

Hans van der Meer - percussion

bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL


Daddy, buy me a radio monkey (2003) is a composition for celesta, saw, marbles and tape, inspired by Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cicle.


Daddy, Buy me A Radio Monkey

by Federico Reuben


Steve Potter - celesta

Ophir Ilzetzki - marbles

Richard FitzHugh - saw

Federico Reuben - electronics

Korzo Theatre, The Hague, NL

Cover - Painting by Levente Szűcs

ind ockeghem copy.jpg

Indefinite Ockeghem (2003) is a composition for percussion quartet based on Johannes Ockeghem's Missa de Plus en Plus.


Indefinite Ockeghem

by Federico Reuben


Performed by Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Roberto Oliveira-Ogando, Ton Martinez-Risco and Lester Rodriguez Gomez - percussion

Schoen­berg Zaal, The Hague, NL