6d696b75474f44 [Audio], in New Vocal Solutions (sampler), London: Squib-box.


Abhorrent [Audio], with Dominic Lash (double bass) and Zlatko Baracskai (modular synth).

A.I.LOVEs2scream [Audio], with Paulina Owczarek (saxophone), London: Squib-box.


(sweet-ERROR: miku) - βv., with Adam de la Cour and Neil Luck. Multi-media performance for fixed and interactive video, live electronics, electric and acoustic guitars, amplified violin, vocals and gestures. World premiere by Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck, Chihiro Ono and Federico Reuben.

Singing Arcs: Sounding the Early History of Electronic Music, with Aleks Kolkowski. For telecommunication & sound devices, and electronics. World premiere by Aleks Kolkowski and Federico Reuben at the Alternative Histories of Electronic Music 2016, Science Museum, London.


Spiritus Telecommunitas, with Aleks Kolkowski. For Online Orchestra (female choir, string orchestra, brass ensemble and flute ensemble in different locations) telecommunication & sound devices, and electronics. Online Orchestra Research Project (AHRC funded). World premiere by Aleks Kolkowski and the Online Orchestra conducted by Jon Hargreaves, Truro Cathedral, Mullion and Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, UK.

Propositions, after Georges Bataille, for speaker, saxophone, guitar/voice and live electronics. World premiere by Kélina Gotman, Adam de la Cour, Tom Jackson and Federico Reuben. Infancy, History and the Avant-Garde Festival, Omibus, Clapham Common, London.


Yestervisions of the Futurepast, fixed media composition for Western Electric 555W exponential horn. The Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound Exhibition, The Science Museum, London.


Up the Shaft, with squib-box, Radio Play & Collaborative Composition. World pre­miere by Adam Delacour, Federico Reuben, Elo Masing, Alan Witts, Sam Rice and Matthew Knowles, Resonance FM, London, UK

Kinderproducts, with the Whiggly Ensemble. Relational music theatre piece based on the theme of surveillance. World premiere by Steve Potter, Justin Christensen, Eugene Feygelson and Federico Reuben, i = u Festival, Hackney, London, UK.

Manifesto, with Loré Lixenberg and Aleks Kolkowski. Performance of Manifesti by Marinetti, Lewis, Russolo, Apollinaire, Albert-Birot, Duchamp, Schulhoff, Picabia, Wölfi, Fahlström. World premiere by Loré Lixenberg (voice), Aleks Kolkowski (wax cylinders and horns) and Federico Reuben (live electronics), Out Hear, Kings Place, London, UK.

Wagner.wagner, for 2 performers, live electronics and video. World premiere by Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck and Federico Reuben, Nonclassical’s Wag­ner Bicen­te­nary, The Mac­beth, Lon­don, UK.


On Violence [Info], for piano, live electronics, computer display and sensors, commissioned by Rei Nakamura, world premiere by Rei Nakamura, Goldsmiths College, London, UK.

ModImprov [Code], computer application for modular improvisation in SuperCollider, in GitHub. Live Colonoscopy, for 2 performers, live electronics, video and improvisers. World premiere by Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck, Mark Knoop, Tom Jackson, Matthew Lee Knowles, Roland Ramanan and Federico Reuben, Sound//Space, V22, London, UK.


HMS Concert [Audio], with London Improvisers Orchestra, Cd-r 16, London: Kukuruku. 100 Tage of London, sound/video installation, with Nastasja Keller, Da Heim, Kunsthof Jena, Jena, DE.

In Preparation, interdisciplinary research project and performance, with Neil Luck, Athina Vahlar, Emma Redding, Mary Ann Huslak, Susan Sentler and Sarah Chin, commissioned by IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine & Science) conference, Washington DC, US.

Live @ Kafri Studios [Audio], with Perro-chimp and Fiona Bevan (voice), London: Squib-box.

Live @ Resonance FM [Audio], with Perro-chimp and Rachel Musson (saxophone). London: Squib-box.

Shadow Prophets [Info], collaborative opera for mixed ensemble, singers and live electronics, with Adam de la Cour and Neil Luck, libretto by Matthew Lee Knowles, commissioned by Minere Sonore Festival, Oristano, Sardinia, IT.

Orwell Fragments [Audio], with Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone) and Dominic Lash (double bass), London: Squib-box.

Live @ Javier's Flat [Audio], with Perro-chimp and Paulina Owczarek (saxophone). London: Squib-box.

Live @ ICA [Audio], with Perro-chimp and Adam de la Cour (voice/guitar). London: Squib-box.

Live @ Modern Art Oxford [Audio], with Mowgli. London: Squib-box.

Spor­cizia Accademica (2007-2010) [Audio], FreuPinta, London: Squib-box.


Too Hot to Handel Too [Info], guided performance/improvisation for soprano, harpsichord, electric guitar, double bass, drums, live electronics, singer and narrator, world premiere by Loré Lixenberg, Mark Knoop, Steve Noble, Adam de la Cour, Dominic Lash, Neil Luck and Federico Reuben, Handel House Museum, London, UK.

Birdmachine (2008-2010), with Ivan Thorley, interactive environment, 4D ecosystem including robotic movement, generative sound, machine listening and intelligent lighting design.

Live @ Boat-ting [Audio], with Perro-chimp. OSOR 3, London: Oso Records.

Too Hot to Handel [Info], guided improvisation for electric guitar, harpsichord, double bass, drums, live electronics and 2 vocalists, with Adam de la Cour, Steve Potter, Alexander Hawkins, Dominic Lash, Javier Carmona and Federico Reuben, Handel House Museum, London, UK.


E-tudes (2007-2009) [Info], installation/performance for 6 keyboards, live electronics and 200 wireless headphones, commissioned by pianocircus, world premiere by pianocircus and Federico Reuben, The Sound Source, Kings Place, London, UK, sponsored by the PRS Foundation Live Connections scheme and Sound and Music.

Žižek!? [Info], guided improvisation for piano, double bass and drums, 4 computer network and video, commissioned by Sound and Music, world premiere by Dominic Lash, Alexander Hawkins, Javier Carmona and Federico Reuben, The Sound Source, Kings Place, London, UK.

Headlong [Video], computer programming (electronics) for composition by Christopher Fox, world premiere by Christopher Redgate, Dartmouth College New Music Festival, US.


AlgorithmicScore [Code], computer application for real-time scoring in SuperCollider, in GitHub.

Horatio Oratorio, performance for stroh violin, gramophones, phonographs, horn installation and live electronics, with Aleksander Kolkowski and Sebastian Lexer, presented by Sprawl and The Wire Magazine, sponsored by the PRS Foundation, the Sonic Arts Network and The Arena.

SpearToSC [Code], computer application for transferring spectral data from Spear to SuperCollider and reducing it through selective algorithms, in GitHub.


Spiricom, with Nicholas Vass, interactive sound for installation, DSP inspired on devise by George Meek and William O’Neill.


Reinita amarilla termina en el charco [Score], for harpsichord, viola da gamba and recorders, commissioned by The Roentgen Connection, world premiere by The Roentgen Connection, Belgrade, RS.

Tussen aarde en hemel [Video][Score], for piano, bass guitar, drum set, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and trombone, commissioned by | Intro | in situ |, world premiere by Ensemble Klang, Bibliotheek, Maastricht, NL.


Esférica Cantándote [Info], for large ensemble (2 fl, ob,, 3cl, ssax, asax, tsax, bsax, bsn, cbsn, 2hn, 2tpt, 3tbn, 4 perc, b.gui, pno, 2vln, vla, vc, db), world premiere by the Ensemble Royal conducted by Hans Leenders, Arnold Schoenberg Zaal, The Hague, NL.


The Nolan's Supper [Info], inspired on the life and work of Giordano Bruno, for singer, piano, clarinet, trombone, electric guitar, violin, double bass, recorder, percussion and electronics, world premiere by Ensemble MAE, conducted by Jussi Jaatinen, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL.

Love and Jealousy, collaborative opera in 6 acts, for chamber orchestra, singers, female choir and electronics, with Steve Potter, Jasna Velickovic and Michele Bagaglio, world premiere by Emily Eagen, David Rinaldi and Ensemble Royal, directed by Scott Blick, conducted by Ric Sims, Kees van Baren Zaal, The Hague, NL.


Daddy, buy me a radio monkey [Audio][Score], for celesta, saw, marbles and tape, world premiere by Steve Potter, Ophir Ilzetzki and Richard FitzHugh, Korzo Theater, The Hague, NL.

Indefinite Ockeghem [Info], for percussion quartet, world premiere by Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Roberto Oliveira-Ogando, Ton Martinez-Risco and Lester Rodriguez Gomez, Schoenberg Zaal, The Hague, NL.